Export Management

Exporting is an opportunity to expand the current market or to grow the image of the producer.

A common goal of all producers is to export their products. To make their brand and their efforts reach new destinations and become known in other countries.

Exporting is an opportunity to expand the current market or to grow the producer’s image. It can be used to achieve a higher income for a product that has a low price in the domestic market, or to sell a larger quantity than previously sold.

In CCS we accompany you in every step, we provide advice to companies that are starting in foreign trade and we also carry out operations of regular exporters.

CCS gives you the support and confidence to make the decision to launch your product to the rest of the world.

Main Advantages of starting an Export process with Argentina

  • Risk diversification
  • Brand positioning
  • Possibility of opening new markets
  • Market expansion

Main Barriers of an Export Process

  • Lack of knowledge of intervening agents
  • Legal and tax requirements
  • How to Negotiate in Argentina?
  • How to buy in Argentina?
  • Lack of language skills
  • Export Planning
  • Lack of knowledge of logistic processes

Frequently Asked Questions when Exporting

Can anyone export?

Although there are simple requirements to become an exporter, it is necessary to register with AFIP. In CCS we advise you and make registrations so that you can operate as an exporter.

Can anything be exported?

Most of the goods are exportable. However, depending on their destination, many products will have different requirements or none at all. There is a small list of prohibited products, those that generate damage or pose a danger.
Please contact CCS, we will give you all the information relevant to the product you wish to export.

What are the requirements to export?

The requirements are not the same for all products and exporters. Each operation is differentiated by the goods and the destination. Depending on the destination, the documents required to carry out the export will be determined.

Can any quantity of goods be exported?

There is no limit, you just have to take into account which regime will be more convenient for your company. CCS will answer all your questions about the export of your product, making sure to avoid extra costs in the selection of transport and shipping security.

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