How to import porcelain tile from Argentina easily and efficiently

In this article we reveal the most important things you need to know about importing porcelain tile to Argentina: costs, expenses, procedures and more.
How to import porcelain tile from Argentina easily and efficiently

    If you are in the business of buying and selling porcelain tile in or from Argentina, we can help you thanks to our experience with the direct import of this type of products. This element of luxury, high quality and design is one of the coverings that is marketed in large volumes and from many countries around the world.

    If you need to import top quality porcelain tile along with all the information regarding the requirements of imports in construction to Argentina, we can help you!

    importación de porcelanato

    So that you can start acquiring this high quality and sophisticated covering in simple but effective steps from Argentina, as well as help you find reliable suppliers of porcelain tile at more than convenient prices, we share with you the most important things you should keep in mind for your import to be successful!

    Porcelain tile is one of the products that we import of ceramic type declared by the ISO 13006/NBR13818 standard, which is generally used as floor and wall covering for homes, offices, living rooms and many other spaces. Floors, walls, openings, porcelain tiles: these are the different aspects of any home that make the difference if they have the best style and quality, so it is essential that you make the right choice at the time of purchase.

    It is a mass formed by different components that, once fired, are given different treatments; they can be polished, unpolished, semi-polished, natural, etc.

    As an additional and very important piece of information, it is always necessary to know the water absorption coefficient: if it is less than, equal to or greater than 0.5% by weight of the porcelain tile.

    The different designs of this type of luxury ceramics are achieved in the process of mixing the materials initially, since the resulting mass that will be obtained will be the design that will be achieved after the final polishing process, which gives the particular aesthetics to these decorative import products.

    In the case of glazed porcelain tiles, the design will clearly depend on what you want to do through the same glazing process, for its completion.

    How to start the process of importing porcelain tile?

    Buying porcelain tile in Argentina is a great option to obtain quality products at convenient prices.

    The first step is to identify the desired porcelain tile supplier, considering quality, price and references for the purchase.

    Subsequently, know from which country to buy according to price, characteristics and quality: there are places like China, India, Europe, Brazil and Turkey that are dedicated to the production of porcelain tile and are an excellent starting point.

    Knowing the legal, customs and administrative procedures is the key, here we can help and advise you to make your import successful based on our experience making this type of international porcelain tile purchases!

    Below we detail more about the main countries from which porcelain tile is imported and some expenses and costs associated with the importation of this product.

    Countries where porcelain tile is commonly imported from

    The production from different countries to the world of this product of high quality and excellence is growing year by year thanks to the characteristics of the product and price convenience due to low raw material costs, the import process and other corresponding tariffs.

    Below we share with you the main places in the world that produce porcelain tiles and are dedicated to the export of tiles, ceramics, and from which they are mainly imported to Argentina:


    This is one of the main countries where this type of high quality tiles are manufactured, characterized by the delicacy and care in the mass production that Argentina imports. Here, the fineness and care in the elaboration of porcelain tile stands out. For this reason, imported Chinese porcelain tile is one of the most demanded products at international level.


    India is also a region from where this ceramic product is usually imported, with quality and production methods typical of this place, which attract the attention of Argentine customers and consumers.


    In general, this product is produced throughout the European continent: but countries such as Italy is one of the key countries that manufacture fine porcelain tile and prized for its quality, sophistication and strength in manufacturing.


    The neighboring country, Brazil, is one of the leading producers of porcelain tile that Argentina buys, due to tax reductions, lower transportation costs due to the proximity and the commercial ties that both countries have had for years. All these aspects make it possible to import Brazilian porcelain tile from the sister country in large quantities.


    This country that extends from Eastern Europe to Western Asia is a great seller of porcelain tile that Argentina imports: it is one of the sectors that acquires the production of this country due to the convenient cost and competitive quality of production.

    How to locate a porcelain tile factory

    At present, this product dominates the world ceramic tile market due to its finish and characteristics.

    In the world it is very easy to locate porcelain tile factories, since there are countries such as Italy, Spain, China and Brazil and several cities in each of them, where this type of complements are produced, which decorate in a unique and completely innovative way any environment: kitchens, bathrooms and large spaces.

    Cómo ubicar una fábrica de porcelanato 

    Different brands of imported porcelain tile in Argentina

    Currently there are different brands and models of imported porcelain tile that are commercialized in Argentina and that it is possible to acquire in a simplified and optimal way.

    The following are the main imported porcelain tile brands that can be purchased in the country:

    • Porcelanosa
    • Carrara Calacatta
    • Sheine
    • Saloni Ceramic
    • Travertino
    • Realonda
    • Listel

    It is important to highlight that there are more brands and sub-brands of porcelain tile dedicated to interior cladding that can be imported from Argentina, for local sale and marketing.

    Approximate price and cost of imported porcelain tile purchased abroad

    The cost per square meter of porcelain tile from different suppliers worldwide varies slightly depending on the volume of purchase, country, distance and current promotions.

    In the case of China, it is possible to purchase a square meter of 60×60 centimeters porcelain tile for between US$2 and US$10. This will also depend on the design, porcelain tile model and other factors.

    In the case of India, the square meter of 60×60 centimeters porcelain tile costs between 1 dollar and 6.50 dollars. Here it is possible to acquire porcelain tile of the same quality, but at a slightly more affordable cost.

    In Italy it is possible to buy porcelain tile of very high quality and innovative design, because as we know, Italy is the cradle of design, style and fashion.

    Here it is possible to acquire porcelain tile for a price that varies between $19 and $22 dollars per square meter.

    It is very important to remind you that we can help you with the importation and its process, as well as to improve the importation costs due to our great experience and constant importation of this type of products.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in importing porcelain tile!

    Costs, expenses and important clarification

    There are different costs that you will have to assume when importing porcelain tile and it is very important that you keep them in mind when you think about buying these products.

    It is essential to emphasize that Argentina is very strict with the import of porcelain tile and performs severe controls during the administrative and customs process, so if you do not comply with all the steps and do not pay all the necessary fees, duties and expenses, it is very likely that they will retain the goods and will not allow you to remove it from customs.

    Some of the costs and expenses that you will have to face to avoid blockages in your purchase from abroad are:

    • Import duties: i.e. taxes obtained and payable by applying a percentage of the customs value of the goods themselves or, as the case may be, of the official prices of the goods. In this case, the quantity of porcelain tile we are importing.
    • Goods covered by criterion values: What does this mean? It means that for some types of porcelain tile there is a minimum price for which import taxes will be paid, based on a unit of measurement, which in this case is the square meter. How does this work? For example, you can buy a square meter of porcelain tile floor of 60 centimeters x 40 centimeters of Chinese origin for 4 dollars, but the criterion value is 5.5 dollars, therefore the duty you will pay will be based on the price of that determined criterion value.
    • Anti-Dumping Duties: from countries of origin such as India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil and China. What does this mean? It means that you will probably have to pay some additional duties for bringing them from these countries and that the prices will be increased at the time of import and liquidation. The antidumping on imported porcelain tile is something that you will encounter at the time of purchase and you should keep these extra costs in mind.
    • Customs Expenses: the customs cost is the transaction value, or price paid for the purchased goods, plus the expenses incurred abroad. This customs value will be the taxable base for the General Import Tax and the Customs Processing Duty (DTA). When adding all the values we will obtain the taxable base for the Value Added Tax on final importation.
    • Transportation costs: these are all the costs incurred when the porcelain tile is brought (imported) from the manufacturer and its country of origin.
    • Taxes and tariffs: there are taxes to be paid when dealing with imported porcelain tile that Argentina charges to its companies, SMEs or corporations.

    Costs to be taken into account during the porcelain tile import process:

    • Common External Tariff (CET): 14%.
    • Extra-zone Import Duty (DIE): 14%.
    • Statistical Rate: Maximum amounts and exceptions: 3%.
    • Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) – General Rate: 21%.
    • V.A.T. Perception (Additional): 20% (R.G. 4461/19): 20%.
    • Advance Income Tax: 6% – See Exceptions: 6%.
    • Gross Income: 2.5%.

    Common measures of imported porcelain tile boxes

    Porcelain tile is an innovative alternative to cover floors and walls. The measures are varied, but generally the conventional one measures 60 by 60 centimeters.

    As an advantage of this size we can mention that there is a greater speed of installation because more pieces are placed in less time, which affects the cost of labor.

    Although this type of product has a higher cost and, at the beginning, it can represent a demotivation, in the end it is recovered in the installation time.

    Medidas comunes de las cajas del porcelanato importado

    Top 5 porcelain tile importers in Argentina

    The following is a list of the top 5 porcelain tile importing companies that bring this quality product into the country:

    • Cordoba Customs Service
    • Buenos Aires Tiles
    • Bait. Floors & Deco
    • Blue Mat
    • Sheine


    If you are interested in importing porcelain tile to Argentina or you are looking for suppliers of this type of tiles, we can help you to find the most convenient and the best price! We invite you to contact us for quick advice, click here to contact us!


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