We connect your company with the Argentine market

Finding suppliers and solving any customs problems that may arise in the management of international marketing in Argentina.

Solutions and benefits

We are a company that provides solutions and benefits
Tecnología Integrada

Integrated Technology

CCS has a real time tracking system for all its operations, this technology integrated to our company will facilitate the feedback with our customers.
Equipo Pro-activo

Proactive Team

The CCS team is always available to our clients, demonstrating the operational flexibility necessary to work with companies from different industries. Always ready to accept new challenges.
Acuerdo de Confidencialidad

Confidentiality Agreement

We work within a framework of confidentiality, respecting the secrecy and privacy of the information to be worked on.
Excelencia Operativa

Operational Excellence

At CCS we are always attentive to all the details of the operations entrusted to us by our clients. We stand out for the neatness in our operations.
Gestión de Trámites

Management of Procedures and Certifications

The years of our company have given us the necessary experience when it comes to the formalities and certifications before different organizations.
Análisis de Costos

Cost Analysis

The expenses you incur in foreign trade operations are analyzed to find the optimal expenditures for the project.

Main services

That we are going to offer you in Argentina.


Items we work with

Over the years we have been able to market these and other products.

Aviation / Aircraft

Food and beverages

Bazaar items

Textiles and footwear

Autoparts and motorcycles

Capital assets

Cereals and grains

General Commodities

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Seeds and forage




Wood and manufactured products

Farming machinery

Porcelain tiles, marbles and granites

Building materials

Vinos y especialities



Used machinery

We market worldwide

CCS Comex reaches all continents. We have advisors abroad that provide us with immediate solutions.

Our resolute attitude has helped us to perform efficiently in every operation abroad. From Argentina to the world and from the world to us.

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Although reaching neighboring countries, due to the benefits of being part of Mercosur and the short terms, is the most common first step. In recent years we have traded with countries with more complex requirements or longer distances.

We have carried out operations with the United States, Canada, Panama, Aruba, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, China, Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, and more.

We have also managed operations between countries of the European Union.

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