These are the healthy snacks you can import from Argentina

Would you like to add a new product category to your food company? We explain briefly how you can market healthy snacks with this Argentine company.
export of healty snacks from Argentina

    Tryms is a company based in the city of Cordoba, Argentina in 2011, which manufactures and markets high quality food products, with the aim of satisfying the demand of its consumers.

    Their goal is to be present in the world and reach all kinds of customers: through the products they sell, the quality and years of experience that support them, this company wants to achieve the main objective they have set: to be the best in the field of “kettle” style snacks.

    Who is Tryms?

    Tryms is a company that manufactures quality food products and invests its resources in development. Tryms bases its ideals on productive innovation, respect for standards and the environment, and on the personal and professional development of the human group that makes up the company.

    Tryms has just been certified to be able to export all its product lines, which gives you the security and confidence of being a trustworthy company.

    Marketing objective

    Tryms’ focus is to sell its products and work together with our client in a long term proposal so that our brand becomes a reference and can connect more and better business opportunities. To achieve our commercial objective we offer you:

    1. Product after-sales and constant accompaniment.
    2. Advertising investment in digital channels.
    3. R&D support.
    4. 24/7 product support.

    Characteristics of our products

    Tryms proposes to combine the virtues and diverse nutritional qualities of vegetables with a very authentic snack, to achieve a fusion of delicious and real flavors at the same time.

    Información Nutricional
    Product Features Classic

    Tryms’ snacks have the following characteristics that make them appetizing and will be snatched out of your hands like hot cakes!

    • They are natural products, carefully elaborated with quality standards that transmit the naturalness of the food.
    • The contents can be read on the label – full transparency on the nutritional content! Food awareness is our priority.
    • Kettle processing makes them unique as they are made in batches, with a unique texture and a stronger consistency due to the way they are cooked.
    • We have a wide variety of products to satisfy our customers’ demands, tastes and preferences.

    We are ready to help you!

    Do you want to know the marketing plan we have? Don’t waste any more time and contact us to start growing your business in an intelligent and integral way thanks to the support we provide so you can import the best product in your country and be successful. We are waiting for your contact!



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